Noise From the Garage For July 8th

Noise From the Garage For July 8th

Tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage is bringing you a wide variety of rock sounds from punk to alternative, even some heavier songs to close out the night! Noise From the Garage takes place every Sunday evening from 7-9pm on Rock108 to bring you new tunes from band’s right here in the Midwest! Tonight I added a pretty cool music video in from the band Blacklist Regulars from the chicago area! Check out their video and tonight’s music lineup below.


Noise From the Garage Music:

Knubby- Spin Off

Knubby- She Don’t Always Play By The Rules

Illegal Smile-  Without a Name

Two Ton Heads- Rain

Viva Moxie- Shot Down

Every Day’s Rain- Brown Coat

Every Day’s Rain- No Escape

Stereowide- Forest

Failure of Progress-  My Life in Transit

Major Moment- Before it’s too late

Telekenetic Yeti- Beneath the Black Sun

Blacklist Regulars- Animal

Veir the Silence- Light Up

Veir the Silence- Find the Words

Trippin Larry- Circle

Trippin Larry- I’ll be Haunting You

Bullet to the Heart- Locked Inside

Doppleganger- Visage

Plains- Corrosion

Genotype- Temple of Saturn

Trita- Bluer Sky


Superhuman (Official Lyric Video)

If you haven't already seen it, here is another chance to watch our new video for 'Superhuman"

Posted by Blacklist Regulars on Friday, September 1, 2017