Disturbed’s ‘Believe’ Turned Me Into a Fan Overnight

Disturbed’s ‘Believe’ Turned Me Into a Fan Overnight

With all of the talk of a brand new Disturbed album and their newest song, it reminds me of when I first started listening to them.

It was around my high school days when Disturbed REALLY started to hit the scene. A few of my friends had ‘The Sickness’ CD, but I was VERY busy diving into my KISS catalog and whatever hit song was on the radio at the time. Every once in awhile though, this band named Disturbed would show up on air playing some song named ‘Down with the Sickness.’ I thought the song was funny with his ‘puking sound’ I seem to remember calling it.

Eventually in 2002-2003, my friend Kyle and I took a trip with his family to Cedar Point (I’ve mentioned that place a few times on air for my annual trip) and we brought two CD’s with our portable CD players to listen to in the back seat. I brought this new album named ‘American Idiot‘ and he brought…

Disturbed ‘Beleive’

I guess at some point during the 5 hour trip, he wanted to listen to ‘American Idiot’ so we traded CD’s, and instead of just pure quiet, I put the CD in my CD player hit play and ‘Prayer’ began. From that point forward, you had to rip the CD from my hands because I couldn’t stop listening to it. Every ride we went on, I was singing songs from the album that I had JUST heard…adrenaline was pumping from rides and I would start screaming lyrics from the songs off the album.

I don’t know what came over me, but I just fell in love with the band during that trip, and ‘Believe’ is still my favorite Disturbed album.

One of these days, I’m going to wittle down my Top 10 favorite bands of all time…and that’s not an easy list…but I can guarantee you that Disturbed will be on that list…maybe even Top 5.