Noise From the Garage for Sept 9th

Noise From the Garage for Sept 9th

Tonight’s segment of Noise From the Garage will be focusing on some straight up rock n roll! Some familiar and newer artists have been tossed in for tonight’s music lineup. Noise From the Garage is sponsored by Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Check out their upcoming concert schedule at! Tune in for tonight’s segment from 7-9pm only on Rock108! 


NFTG Music Lineup: 

Stars in Toldeo- RnR 247 365

Other Brothers- Howlin

The Missing Letters- Lucille

Average Mammals- Small Talks

Average Mammals- Let Loose

Radda Radda- Into the Dark

Rotten Mouth- I’m In Line

Revolt Coda- Living on a Dime

The Zealots- Only Rocks Live Forever

The Zealots- Alabama Gentleman

The Hex Girls- Toothpick Decay

The Hex Girls- Bite Outta Life

Guss Royall- Castle

Guss Royall- This Old House

Viva Moxie- Shot Down

The August Guns- Save Our Souls

All The Wine- Heavy Lights

All the Wine- Time & Direction

Illegal Smile- Common Regret

Blacklist Regulars- Superhuman

Blacklist Regulars- Animal

He-Nis-Ra- All In

Silent Redemption- Choices

Gabriel and the Apolocypse- Until We Dream

Six Shots Til Midnight- Crosshairs on the Innocent