Noise From the Garage for September 16th

Noise From the Garage for September 16th

End your Sunday Funday right by tuning in to Noise From the Garage on Rock108 from 7-9pm! Two hours of radio time dedicated to showing off local Midwest bands as well as helping you find some new music. Make sure to always be checking out some killer live music through our sponsor Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Tonight’s music lineup is below.

Hex Girls- Toothpick Decay

Hazer- Bad Kids

Blacklist Regulars- Superhuman

Freakabout- Queen of the Dust

Sweet Ascent- Watch it Burn

Sweet Ascent- My Life

Space Burial- Prom Song

Faces Turned Ashen- Relapse

Faces Turned Ashen- Remission

Careful Gaze- Wolf

Odd’s Of An Afterthought- Share My Grave

Syck- Teach Me

Divide the Fall- The Storm

Divide the Fall- Our Existence

Plains- Corrosion

Grave Corps- Rise

Manhattan Blockade- Prometheus would be Ashamed

Manhattan Blockade- Compliments and Lies

Telekenetic Yeti- Stoned and Feathered

Trita- Bluer Sky

B.I.V- Liberated

Dueling at Dawn- The Gallows

Guilty of Treason- Prisoner of Mind