A Quick Review of ‘Venom’

A Quick Review of ‘Venom’

Last night I went and checked out the new hit movie, Venom.

I might not be a super comic book reader of Super Hero stuff, but I sure as hell love the movies. However this time, if you were expecting any kind of reference to the Spider-Man universe? You will get none of that here, even though Venom is a part of Spider-Man! But how well can a stand alone villain movie stand on it’s own? Mind you, one of the most popular villains in the Marvel Universe?

Pretty well apparently, because I thought the movie was awesome.

Hence my quick review.

I was skeptical on the fact that they might just send us a bunch of eye candy where the movie goes…WHOA LOOK! BOOM CRASH VENOM WHAAAAAAA! But at first? It really doesn’t, and that’s a good thing…there is significant build up to the character that is Eddie Brock. The movie gave me time to like the character and relate with him instead of being just some dude with a parasite.

When Venom eventually does show up, it’s awesome…there is enough build up to him, that when you do see him? It’s the parasite and all it’s glory!

One thing I didn’t expect was how funny the movie would end up being. Jokes are cracked here and there, but it’s not to overbearing. It’s a welcome type of humor that reminds you that yea, you are watching a movie about a dude infected with a symbiote….what’s there to take seriously? There are some movies that can work frequent humor into the story line (Venom) and then there are some that can’t work frequent humor (Star Wars: The Last Jedi).

I don’t know TOO much about Venom, but if you enjoy these Marvel movies? There is some fun to be had here. Also, make sure you stay for the credits…looks like they are gonna keep these movies moving.