Before Disturbed’s ‘Sound of Silence,’ There Was ‘Darkness’

Before Disturbed’s ‘Sound of Silence,’ There Was ‘Darkness’

Everyone keeps talking about how Disturbed went soft with their cover or ‘The Sound of Silence.’

But what most people or non-Disturbed fans may not know is that there was a piano based Disturbed song WAY before their trek into ‘The Sound of Silence.’

It was a song off their album Believe and it was named ‘Darkness.’

Their cover of the familiar song shot them into the stratosphere obviously…it was downloaded an insane amount of times and still is a massive song for them, maybe even their most known at this point aside from ‘Down with the Sickness.’

Personally I like ‘Darkness’ more than ‘The Sound of Silence’ but I think that’s because they wrote it, makes it more personal.

But before you give them the credit of ‘going soft’…the LAST track on the Believe album made them softies as early as 2002.