A Quick Review of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

A Quick Review of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’

It’s hard to hate anything that Queen has ever done.

First and foremost, my favorite books to read are rock music autobiographies, so being able to see a biopic of one of the worlds favorite and legendary bands is quite a treat. But, I made sure to go into this movie without too many blinders on.

I’ve always loved Queen, it’s really hard not to. So I tried to watch this movie as any normal movie, meaning I was watching for pacing, story telling, and presentation. My quick review:

It’s great.

Rami Malek whom portrayed Freddie Mercury NAILED it, you would think you were watching a reincarnated Freddie, he was great. I also didn’t realize Mike Myers (Austin Powers) was in the film until I read the credits!

The pacing at the beginning of the movie kind of threw me off a little…it all happened incredibly fast, but how long can you really stretch that story out? Guy finds band, band hires him, etc…so I let it pass, but in the moment you would miss the first quarter of the film if you blinked. There were some parts I was kind of  hoping to see, maybe like some on the road stories, playing small gigs, whatever…but this is a story REALLY about Freddie Mercury, not so much Queen.

I haven’t read any books on the band, but this movie portrayed Mercury in a very unique way, that also revisited the fact of how ‘out there’ Mercury really was. He was an artist in so many ways and never let the public weigh him down from his outlandish clothing and personality...the dude was a legend and a star, and this movie reinforces that statement. Just a shame that he passed the way he did because I could only imagine the music we might have had if he was still around.

Something I will point out on a personal level is that this movie made me feel relateable with Mercury…every day I come into work or present myself at events…the more outlandish and crazy the better…is it a sense of security? I don’t know…but it feels right, and Mercury lived that same way.

If you’re a Queen fan, you’ll LOVE this movie…and if you’re not, you’ll discover and learn about an artist that was gone from us WAY too soon.