I Finally Watched Bird Box.

I Finally Watched Bird Box.

According to social media, I just HAD to watch Bird Box…so I finally did.

If you surf anywhere around the internet, you have seen countless memes of Sandra Bullock in a blindfold with some kids…well, that is from the Netflix super hit ‘Bird Box’ that is based on the popular book.

I have never read the book, my wife has….but I haven’t and I probably won’t. However, we sat down last night, had a few hours to spare before we went to bed and decided we better see what this movie is all about and see if it ranks up there with the book.

Overall I enjoyed the movie, it sure does have it’s suspenseful moments and can get pretty damn bloody. Also I had no idea that one guy was Machine Gun Kelley until the end of the movie when I did the natural ‘IMDB’ moment.

I always enjoyed these survival type movies, and it’s cool to see that Netflix has the power to make some really good content. Which we have been seeing lately with Lost in Space, Stranger Things, etc.

If you’re looking for an against all odds survival movie, this is probably gonna fit in your wheelhouse. Spare yourself 2 hours though, it’s pretty long…but entertaining.