1999 Is Officially 20 Years Ago

1999 Is Officially 20 Years Ago

Where has the time gone folks?!

I still think the year 1999 was only 10 years ago, but alas it was 20 years ago this year.

I feel like 1999 was that year that was the last of it’s kind before this thing called the internet REALLY took over the world. My family had a computer, but it was a 56k Modem and it would tie up the phone line…so being on the internet was more of a luxury than anything.

It was also the year that I started to develop my ROCK music taste. It was the year that I bought my first official ROCK album…Limp Bizkit-Significant Other, which was released in June 1999. Paid with my own money from a grocery store in one of those white anti-theft plastic things.

1999 seemed like the last year of innocence for me, it was from that point that I started becoming an adult, about to hit high school, toys and action figures weren’t fun anymore, yadda yadda yadda…It’s odd, but I can seemingly remember the last time I ACTUALLY played with action figured (Star Wars Millennium Falcon playset)