Noise From the Garage For January 13th

Noise From the Garage For January 13th

End your weekend right by discovering new music from band’s from right here in the Midwest! Noise From the Garage takes place from 7-9pm exclusively on Rock108 and is your hub for great local music. Tonight’s show is featuring a ton of new artists that I am stoked to share with you! Enjoy live music multiple days a week with our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Follow along with tonight’s lineup below.

In The Attic- Whisky River

The Fuss- Ghost

Display Case- Simmer/Settle

Conway- Forbidden Fruit

Overclocked- Lack

Revolt Coda- Living on a Dime

Average Mammals- Let Loose

Lower Automation- The Pulpit Tumble

Stalgic- Distant

Stalgic- The Things That You’ve Said

Abisha Uhl- Better

Heart of Flesh- Bullet

Pure You- Vanilla Taste

Dreamhouse- Losing Myself

Tougher Than You Thought- Garden Snake

Tougher Than You Thought- Loss For Words

Blacklist Regulars- Beyond

Silent Redemption- New Caught

Faith in the Fallen- No Tomorrow

St. October- Eclipsing

Of Virtue- Surrounded

Guilty of Treason- Prisoner of Mind