A Quick Review of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse’

A Quick Review of ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse’

I FINALLY went and checked out the newest Spider-Man movie in theaters.

Now the movie has been out for a little while now, but with the whole holiday craziness? It’s difficult to get out to the movie ya know? My wife and I finally did though, and went and saw the newest Spider-Man film.

First of all, it’s an animated film…and I wasn’t quite sure how they were gonna work this movie. The only real Spider-Man movies I had seen up to the point was the Raimi trilogy and the latest Spider-Man Homecoming movie. So I had only really seen ‘REAL’ Spider-Man movies. Thanks to animation though, they were able to take a LOT more liberties with it being a ‘comic book.’ So what did I think of the latest Spider-Man movie? My quick review…

Might be the best Spider-Man movie out there.

I know that’s a bold statement…but it felt refreshing. Take it from the guy who doesn’t know TOO much about Spider-Man and get shown the massive universe this character is in. It showed that Spider-Man doesn’t just HAVE to be Peter Parker getting bit by a Spider…it’s a vast array of characters from all sorts of different dimensions. They also did a fantastic job of introducing a villain that I had heard of before but never really connected too. The thing is with villains in these movies is that they are never really flushed out…but they flat out said what the motivation of this villain was and that made me connect more to the story. The characters were all great and I had a very fun time watching this movie.

If you have a hard time getting past the animation, watch this movie and enjoy the fact of how beautifully animated this movie is.