Results of Goose Island’s “43-yard Field Goal Challenge.” (video)

Results of Goose Island’s “43-yard Field Goal Challenge.” (video)

Last week Bears kicker Cody Parkey was the target of Bears fans anger and sadness after he missed a partially blocked 43-yard game-winning field goal against the Eagles in the playoffs.

Goose Island Beer company was tired of all the Bears fans crappin’ on the kicker and issued a challenge to anyone who wanted to come out and try to kick a 43-year-old Field Goal at their Chicago Brewery over the weekend.

Anyone who made the kick would get free beer for a year.

So how was the turn out?

They turned away people after the first 100 wanna-be-kickers showed up and they live-streamed the event.

Some waited in the snow for 5-6 hours for their shot to get free beer. Some came dressed in pads and helmets, ready to show the world how well they could kick the ball.

No one even came close. Goose Island shared video footage of some of the worst kicks…