Noise From the Garage For January 27th

Noise From the Garage For January 27th

The start of a new year is always exciting. 365 days of new music and endless  amounts of concerts to attend. Tune in to Noise From the Garage tonight from 7-9pm cst on Rock108 to hear some exciting music and concert announcements from the best local rock band’s from all over the Midwest! Always enjoy some live music with our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo. Tonight’s music lineup can be found below.


Last Import- One a Day

Last Import- Money

Lavender Daughter- The Blue  

Hex Girls- Bite Outta Life

Hex Girls- Toothpick Decay

Two Ton Head’s- Mojave  

Other Brothers- Howlin  

Radda Radda- Into The Dark

Songat Blvd- Salivate

Songbat Blvd- Energy  

All The Wine- Heavy Lights

Pure You- Sour Days  

Wenslow- Song of the Lost  

Tougher Than You Thought- Forever Never After  

Faux Fiction- Dark Matter  

Faux Fiction- Skin

The Smokes- American Dream

He-Nis-Ra- Tanked

Six Shots ‘Til Midnight- Strength Within  

Silent Redemption- Choices  

Gabriel and the Apocalypse- Beauty Under Glass  

Gabriel and the Apocalypse- Thrill of the Kill 

Dark Agenda- Genesis

Saul- Brother