Local Rock Bands at RockFest

Local Rock Bands at RockFest

Hey it’s Payton, your local Midwest music-guru! Okay, that might be taken a little far, but I have had such a blast hosting my local music segment, Noise From the Garage, on Rock108 Sunday evenings.

I am super proud because 4 of the bands that I feature pretty often on my segment have made it on the lineup for Rockfest in Wisconsin this July! Check out some details for each band below and make sure to make it out early to the fest to catch amazing local and newer bands (They deserve it!)


The Zealots: If you like some high energy Rock N Roll, then these 4 well dressed gentleman out of the Quad Cities will be sure to impress you. They know how to bring the energy to a live show and keep the crowd moving. Their latest 10-track album, Only Rocks Live Forever, was released in 2018 and every single track seriously kicks ass. Catch them on Thursday to kick off your 2019 Rockfest.


The Rumours:  Not only does this Cedar Valley band know how to keep the old school Rock N Roll feel alive, they have two beautiful women fronting the band and keeping you grooving on the bass. The Rumours recently signed to Kivel Records where you can find their latest album release, Hot Bang. If you want to see a live act that will keep you dancing their entire set, then do not miss out on The Rumours on Saturday for Rockfest 2019.


Gabriel and the Apocalypse:  Probably the most up-and-coming act out of the Minneapolis rock scene for 2019 is Gabriel and the Apocalypse! Fronted by a kick-ass female, they are showing their fans that hard rock is still alive. The band has killer stage costumes that add a perfect vibe to their live shows. A new album is expected from the band later this year. If you are looking for a heavy set to get you ready for the weekend, then check out Gabriel and the Apocalypse on Thursday at Rockfest 2019.

Cold KingdomAnother female fronted band to watch out of the Minneapolis scene will be kicking off Rockfest 2019 on Thursday! Now this band had pretty great success with their old vocalist who left the band before 2018 and are keeping their new vocalist a secret for now. If you like heavy female vocalist, then make sure to hangout with Cold Kingdom for Rockfest 2019!