Noise From the Garage For February 3rd

Noise From the Garage For February 3rd

This week’s segment of Noise From the Garage on Rock108 has a major focus on band’s from right here in Iowa! A wide variety of softer rock to heavy metal to please all rock fan’s. Not only that, most of these bands have up-coming concert dates with our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Tune in, rock out, and get out to support local music! Follow along with tonight’s lineup below:


Zachary Daniel’s Band- On To Something

High Point- Different Conversations

Knubby- She Don’t Always Play By The Rules

404- Bomb Quixote

Illegal Smile- DMR

Illegal Smile- Memoir

The Rumours- Hot Bang

NonGrata- Internal Affairs

Hazer- Easy Way Out

Hazer- Blow Me Away

Far From Innocent- Hurricane

The Zealots- Alabama Gentleman

Five Am- Wrong

Manhattan Blockade- Prometheus Would Be Ashamed

Manhattan Blockade- Compliments and Lies

Virtus- Your Retribution

Cold Kingdom- The Break

St October- Gravewalker

Guilty of Treason- The Vessel

Jim Jones- Reanimated

Jim Jones- 909

Hardship- Divine Miracle

Astral Space- Alive