A Florida man danced his way through sobriety tests after he was found sleeping in his car.

Police were called after people saw the guy slumped over in his truck, with the brake lights on. When the officers approached, the guy was sleeping and had his foot on the brake.

Two deputies knocked on the truck window and shouted several times before the 33-year-old woke up.

The man eventually got out, but forgot to put the truck in park. An officer had to jump in and turn the vehicle off before it hit a gate.

Body camera footage shows the guy lose his balance and start dancing during the “walk and turn” test.

He had a BAC of .28 — after deputies arrested the guy for DUI, they say he admitted he had been drinking since around 6 p.m and he thought it was 10 p.m. when it was actually after 2 a.m. He also believed he was in a different city, 20 miles away.