Noise From the Garage for February 10th

Noise From the Garage for February 10th

Happy Sunday! Time to sit back, relax, and end the weekend with some of the best local rock band’s from the Midwest! Noise From the Garage kicks off from 7-9pm only on Rock108! Get out to enjoy some live music with our sponsors, Spicoli’s Reverb in Waterloo! Follow along with tonight’s lineup below.


Last Import- One A Day

Evan Stock Band- Melt The Sun

Pure You- Vanilla Taste

Pure You- Sour Days

Wenslow- Tanks on E 

Dreamhouse- Resurface

Solar Flare Sunset- I Want Out

The Unincorporated- Some Kind of Truth

Five Am- Something Something


Pierre- Aloha

Trita- Saltless Sea

Space Burial- Pharaoh 

Legion of Kings- Depression

Dark Agenda- Genesis

Saul- Brother

Blacklist Regulars- War

City of the Weak- Not This Time

B.I.V- Tethered

B.I.V- Liberated

Bullet to the Heart- Locked Inside

Of Virtue- Torn Apart