Wayland Returns to Waterloo in March!

Wayland Returns to Waterloo in March!

Wayland is coming back to the Cedar Valley to Get a Little!

You have heard their hit song ‘Ghost’ and our annual Friday song of ‘Get a Little’…now you can see it live!

Wayland has announced that they will be returning to Waterloo on March 28th!

At this time there are no ticket announcements, prices, or anything…but I imagine we’ll get info about that relatively soon! So at this time? Just reserve the date on your calendar, take the night off, whatever it may take to see them live.

If you have listened to me enough on Rock 108 enough, I have mentioned this band a few times. They will also be in Des Moines at Lefty’s as well, so if you really want to? Head on out to both shows!

Get a Little Iowa!