ALWAYS Double Check When You Purchase Concert Tickets…

ALWAYS Double Check When You Purchase Concert Tickets…

It’s happened time and time again…

Scenario: Your favorite band is coming to town and you want to see them! You’re excited and tickets go on sale this Friday online and at the box office! You are so damn ready to throw down your Credit Card number and get those tickets! So, you jump online, type into Google the band name, city, and venue.

Result: You see tickets going for astronomical prices before they even go on sale and you can’t even begin to fathom affording them.

Chances are, you clicked on the Third Party site, and not the official ticketing website. I mean it makes sense right? The first Google result SHOULD be the official ticketing site, but I hate to tell you, that it probably isn’t. Seemingly every time we post a concert, we get a screen shot of someones phone mad about how high ticket prices are, and about 95% of the time? The screenshot plain as day says:

This is a re-seller website.

Re-seller’s have digital BOTS that are setup to purchase tickets from the official websites and then sell them on their site for jacked up prices. It sucks because it keeps us fans from getting tickets to the show and only helping scalpers fill their pockets with your hard earned cash.

Bands and venues are trying to figure out ways to avoid and stop BOTS, but there isn’t a concrete solution to it yet. However bands like Iron Maiden and Foo Fighters require to show your Credit Card you paid with AT THE SHOW in order to get in!

To help you out, here are some suggestions for you:

  • ALWAYS go through credited websites like Ticketmaster, LiveNation, Etix, etc. If you ever have a question what site to go thru for a venue, contact the venue directly or go to the venues official website.
  • DOUBLE CHECK what website you are on…if the venue announces when tickets go on sale and you are finding them on another website to purchase? Chances are it’s a re-seller website, wait until they are officially released.
  • Check the venues Facebook page, most of the time they will have direct links to ticketing.

But what if tickets are SOLD OUT to the show and the only ones available are through 3rd Party Re-sellers or StubHub? Then my friend, that is UP TO YOU! But be prepared to pay a higher price.

Just be careful and don’t get discouraged! It pays to be ready with the proper tools, or screw it…just go to the damn box office and buy them there, that’s honestly the cheapest way. Avoid all of those dumb fees!