A Quick Review of Shazam!

A Quick Review of Shazam!

Last night, I went and checked out the latest DC endeavor Shazam.

Like most of the comic book movies that I see, I really have no backstory or idea who they hell any of these characters are. I go to the theater to be entertained, dazzled, whatever it may be. When I saw the trailers for Shazam, I kind of knew what I was getting into, but my expectations were pretty low due to the string of DC movies that have been released, most of them being pretty subpar.

That being said…my quick review of Shazam?

Well paced and fun.

I like the character, I like Zachery Levi as Shazam, I was given just enough back story of the main character and the villain…things weren’t just thrown in my face, and lately with movies? I have felt that with most of them. Shazam on the other hand gave you enough time and paced it in a way that let you get used to the characters. Like I actually felt for the kids in the foster home and Billy wanting to find his blood mother. Probably one of the most effective things is the fact that when Billy becomes Shazam, he’s still a kid, and has a kid personality…the movie doesn’t just say, “Hey, he’s an adult now.”

I won’t spoil a certain part of the film, but towards the end, that ‘kid personality’ thing comes back and works very well with other characters, that’s all I’ll say.

It’s a fun movie, and you can tell that DC wants to really appease the audience with a little hint of a the Marvel formula. Not everything has to be DARK and BROODING, there is a time and place for that, but this one kind of mixes the both and it worked for me. Also I feel like Shazam is the Star Lord of the DC Universe…juuuuuuuusssssayin’

Have some fun, go see Shazam.