Hot Topic is STILL Kickin’ Ass in Today’s Digital World

Hot Topic is STILL Kickin’ Ass in Today’s Digital World

Did you ever shop at Hot Topic as a kid? Or maybe you still do? Well so does everyone else.

According to the New York Times, Hot Topic is still a major competitor in the apparel world, regardless of the digital onslaught that is Amazon. Why though? Because Hot Topic re-branded themselves to not be the super edgy place, but a place where you can get your Black Sabbath or Cradle of Filth shirts…but also pick up a My Little Pony, Pokemon, Minecraft stuff as well.

So instead of Hot Topic really being the ‘scary’ place when walking around the mall, it brings in everybody as opposed to where it was originally marketed…because of that, they are still kicking ass.

I used to shop at Hot Topic when I was younger, mainly because they started making in-house video game shirts…which oddly enough was pretty difficult to come around at that time. I’m sure somewhere at my parents house, those shirts are still sticking around….size Large…which I am a XXL now, so I don’t think I am fitting into them anytime soon.

I’ve always liked that store though, even though I don’t go in a buy shirts like I used to, I still walk in and see what they may have…because of the variety they offer.