You All Impressed Me With ‘Question of The Day’

You All Impressed Me With ‘Question of The Day’

Yesterday I asked the ‘every once in awhile’ Question of the Day.

I gotta say, it might be the biggest question of the day I have ever done, and I had no idea how big it would be.

It got a record of 400+ comments and everyone sharing that movie that ‘made you cry.’ What my favorite thing about that comment section is that NO ONE had any shame…it was glorious.. I think cause we can all relate…movies have a way of evoking emotions, whether it be something that you can relate to or it’s a character you have been following for movie upon movie.

I posted a couple of movies, but you guys all knocked it out of the park with an amazing list of films that made you cry, misty eyes, or just flat out ugly cried.

Go see some movies, laugh, cry, smile…enjoy!