BABYMETAL Announces U.S. Tour w/ Avatar

BABYMETAL Announces U.S. Tour w/ Avatar

Damn, that’s gonna be a sweet ass show.

You’ve probably heard me talk about Babymetal before. First let me say, it is not EVERYONE’s cup of tea. None of the songs are in English, it’s mostly super fast speedy metal, and fronted by 2 younger girls with a little pop-metalish sound.

And it’s f***in’ awesome.

Babymetal will be heading out on another North American tour along with special guests Avatar, who also put on a stellar show too! Let’s just say that this show is gonna rock…but is it coming to Iowa? Sadly no, but there are a few close by dates which include:

  • 9/20 Chicago, IL
  • 9/21 St. Paul, MN

I have seen them a couple of times and even though I wasn’t sure how I felt about them at first, I ended up buying all of their albums. If you just can’t get past the singing, listen to the band named ‘Kami Band’…cause they are amazing.