This Time Last Year? I Was Rockin’ Northern Invasion

This Time Last Year? I Was Rockin’ Northern Invasion

This is the first May since 2009, that I have not attended a big rock festival.

It’s kinda weird for me honestly. Going to rock festival, whether I was working it or just attending it was something I just DID in May. It was a way of kicking off the Summer for me…and this year? I’m not attending one in May.

If I click over to my Facebook pages ‘Memories’ section…it is just COVERED in epic memories from the past 3 years of covering Northern Invasion in Somerset, WI.

Rock stars I interviewed, bands I have seen perform, and just overall enjoying the atmosphere of an awesome rock festival. Probably my favorite thing of all is the fun I was having! Rumor is that I will STILL be attending a rock festival this year…but like anytime I attended one of these, there is A LOT of stuff that has to happen in the background before anything gets confirmed. Passes, time to get, logistical stuff, etc.

Northern Invasion is not occurring this year, and rumor states that it is one of the festivals that will probably not come back in the future, but if it does, I’ll be there having a fun time. In the meantime though, there are ALL sorts of festivals and concerts being presented in the Mid-West, so get out and have some fun.