A Quick Review of ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’

A Quick Review of ‘Pokemon: Detective Pikachu’

Last night I went and checked out the movie that have a lot of people talking, ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu.’

At first glance, the movie looks like its for kids right? Well…yes and no. Pokemon has been a global phenomenon since the late 90’s and is really showing no sign of stopping. People buy Nintendo game consoles JUST for the latest Pokemon game. It’s marketed to today’s kids and adult whom grew up with the franchise. Probably the most notable thing about this movie was the audience I was sitting with….there was maybe 1 actual kid in there. The rest of us were mid-20’s to early 30’s!

There have been movies previous, but they’ve always been animated films. This is the first true live action Pokemon movie, so at first glance….could a live action Pokemon movie work?

Well my quick review…

Yes, and it worked quite well.

I feel like this is one of those movies that SHOULDN’T have worked, but it did. The way that the movie was written wasn’t just ‘LOOK AT THIS POKEMON’…it wasn’t a bunch of eye candy. It was a legit story based in a world where Pokemon would actually exist. Clearly the writers of the film understood the source material here…were there Pokemon? Of course there was, but what made it work is that it wasn’t based solely on ‘HEY REMEMBER THIS?’ gimmicks, and I was expecting that.

Tim Goodman made me believe that Pikachu actually existed in the real world, I cared for Tim. He was obviously the main character of the film, but Ryan Reynold’s Pikachu and Tim worked incredibly well together in this film.

This is a detective story like the title leads on. I always liked a good mystery story, but in order to make it interesting, you have to have good characters, and that was probably the best part of this movie. Also any good movie has a twist, and this one? Has a couple of them.

It’s not a perfect movie, but it’s what a video game movie should be. Don’t spoon feed us the characters we already know….we know we love them….give us a good story with good writing and intriguing story line and then implement the characters into that! So many video game based movies rely on just SHOWING us the characters and forget about the story, thus results in a crappy movie….Detective Pikachu on the other hand understood that and ran with it.

If you like or love Pokemon and a fun detective based story? This ones for you.