2001’s ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ Still Sucks…

2001’s ‘Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within’ Still Sucks…

The fact that this movie still exists is a terrible thing.

Back in 2001, Final Fantasy was at the top of it’s game. It had 4 VERY successful titles that took the gaming world by storm…of course I mean Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, and 10. These games to me were some of the top games of their time, and sold millions. They continue to this day to keep selling, and they’re just ports of the old games!

Inevitibly, an idea of a movie was starting to fly around…and it happened…in 2001, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within showed up in theaters, and man…did it suck. Like….really sucked.

I saw it opening day with a friend, and walked out of the theater thinking that I basically saw a strange sci-fi movie with no real Final Fantasy anything in it. I remember maybe liking it for a bit when I was younger, but I watch it today…and man…it’s just BAD, REALLY BAD! The acting sucks, the story’s dumb, the music is oddly placed, and it’s dark (like as in no one knows how to turn on a light in the movie).

Movie criticism aside, it had a decent cast, Ming Na Wen, Alec Baldwin, VIng Rhames, even Donald Sutherland…freaking’ DONALD SUTHERLAND! But even the big names could barely save this train wreck of a film. It was also a technical marvel for it’s time. It was the first time we really saw hyper realistic human CGI.

YouTube’s Nostalgia Critic lays out this film perfectly in the video that you can watch below. Personally though, as a Final Fantasy fan, you are better at watching Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children…but even that has it’s cringe-worthy moments. Seriously, try watching Advent Children today…it’s really not that good.