A Quick Review of ‘Brightburn’

A Quick Review of ‘Brightburn’

It’s time for another one of those fine movie reviews from your good ol’ pal Ned!

Last night, I went and saw ‘Brightburn,’ or as I would like to call it ‘Evil Superman’ or ‘Kid.’

The film follows a child who crash landed onto a farm a couple finds them and decides to take care of them. Little do they know, that the kid when he hits age 12 becomes the villain that the world was not ready for. In many ways, this is a straight up horror film.

This film had some pretty up there names attached to it, as it was written by the Gunn brothers Brian and Mark Gunn. Does the name sound familiar? James Gunn also happens to be a brother here, whom has directed some of Hollywoods major Marvel movies of Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2 and soon DC’s ‘The Suicide Squad.’ With those names attached, does the Gunn power have enough to make Brightburn a good movie?

My quick review is…

It’s exactly what you’d expect, making it just quick flick.

A flick is a good way of describing it. It’s not a movie that is a MUST SEE in theaters, but if you are a fan of B-Movie Horror with a budget, then this is what your are looking for. The movie does do pretty well in building up the tension of what the kid is going to become, but you don’t even discover exactly who the kid is, where he was from, and why he crash landed on Earth, his just kind of there.

One thing that did surprise me is the amount of gore in the flick, specifically one part that has to do with a truck. Movies usually shy away from gore when it comes to kids being in the movie, but Brightburn said ‘eff that, here is some gross s***!’ I applaud them on that.

There were times when you could hear the kid audibly ‘scream’ when he was attacking…it seemed out of place. You could say it was a kid who wasn’t understanding his newfound power, but his attitude in other scenes contradict that….the kid CLEARLY KNOWS he’s bad and likes it, so why is he screaming like he’s battling some inner demon? Kinda threw me off…I know, it’s nitpicky.

Like modern horror flicks of today, the movie banks on jump scares, which is fine…but it gets tiresome after awhile, and becomes predictable too. You know something it gonna happen when the movie gets suddenly silent and BOO jump scare! Whatever happened to the larger than life slasher flick like Michael Myers? Jason Vorhees? Freddy Krueger? Jigsaw? I feel like this movie had the opportunity to maybe create that type of character…and maybe it will. Looking at how well the film is doing in theaters though, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Overall a fun movie, not what I would call a MUST SEE movie…but if you take it for what it is, you’ll have fun. Don’t expect some big blockbuster story that dominates the box office. More like a movie you see when you’re standing at the box office wondering what the hell to watch, then forced to watch a movie for the sheer fact that you’re at the theater, may as well see something.