Holy Crap…Sonic the Hedgehog is 28 Years Old

Holy Crap…Sonic the Hedgehog is 28 Years Old

Back in my day, Sonic was the dude with ‘tude!

Cause you know…the 90’s right?

Yes folks, the original Blue Blur who is loved and hated by many today…Sonic the Hedgehog is 28 years old. The original Sega Genesis game debuted this week 28 years ago, and the 90’s were never the same.

Being a kid in the 90’s, you were either a Sega Kid or a Nintendo Kid…buying 2 game consoles was pretty unheard of, it was expensive! Until they became relatively affordable and your parents were awesome…I was one of those kids (with my brother of course) Sonic was on Sega, Mario was on Nintendo.

Sonic was the embodiment of 90’s kid culture. A wise cracking hedgehog that had a smirk on this face and kept things rad, cool, and tubular. He was basically the cool kid on the block that you wanted to be your friend. He had a comic book, a Saturday Morning cartoon show, a more ‘kid friendly’ show, and he was voiced by effin’ Jaleel White (aka Urkel).

The original Sonic I wouldn’t say is the BEST in the series, I’d give the honor to Sonic 2…but it did start the whole mascot vs mascot thing which isn’t much around today. Sonic is a pop icon…and he will always tell ya…to go FAST.