That Static-X Tribute Singer Sounds Familiar [Video]

That Static-X Tribute Singer Sounds Familiar [Video]

The Static-X ‘Wayne Static’ tribute is out on the road, and people have been wondering who the heck is under that mask.

First of all, the show looks fantastic and I would love to see it during one of it’s two tour stops in Iowa. One of them will be in Des Moines and the other in Sioux City, so head on out to one of those shows. The question has been though, who the hell is under that mask?

Bassist Tony Campos in an interview has stated that they will never tell who is under the mask because they want to focus on the music and not necessarily the star front man, more about remembering Wayne. However it didn’t take long for people to start figuring out who may be under the mask.

Most people are thinking that it is Edsel Dope of the band DOPE…which I think is pretty fair. Fans have looked at his fingernails, on stage antics, and even trying to decipher tattoos and compare them to Edsel. Honestly, I think it is him…and he sounds VERY good as the Static-X frontman.

Dope is one of the supporting acts on this tour, so it would make sense.

At first people were pretty skeptical if this was going to work, but fans have been filing in their reviews and it seems like it may be the metal show to see this summer.