Instagram Model Sells Used Bathwater Online…Sells Out

Instagram Model Sells Used Bathwater Online…Sells Out

Clearly I got in the wrong business.

Instagram is a big deal, and it’s big business…which by the way, if you haven’t followed us on Instagram yet, click here and you can.

Anyway now that I got that out of the way, Social Media influencer is seemingly some kind of job today, but so is Instagram model which is pretty cool, I follow a few of them. Then there are models out there that REALLY get the big follows, and one out there that REALLY exposes to the younger/nerd/gamer audience is Belle Delpine. She as of this writing has 4.2 Million followers and with this most recent news story, she’ll probably have 5.2 million by the end of the day.

So obviously she probably sells merchandise, so what do you think she would sell…if you guessed her used bath water, then you are correct.

And…it’s SOLD OUT!

If someone told me I could sell my used bath water, I would never get into radio. However, I doubt someone would want my used bathwater….s**ts gross yo.

And what do you think those purchasers of his bath water did with it? DRINK IT!

Why….why is this happening? I think we need another flood.