The Awesomeness of Defunct Media Stores Like Sam Goody, Media Play, Etc.

The Awesomeness of Defunct Media Stores Like Sam Goody, Media Play, Etc.

On my way to work today, my co-worked and I were talking about old record stores and stores big box stores that sold ‘media exclusively.’

I used to work at retro video game stores and he used to work at Sam Goody. However our memories go to stores like Suncoast Video, Media Play, or whatever your favorite was…hell I would even toss in Toys R’ Us at this point.

While the convenience of buying stuff online is great, it has its drawbacks….there was something awesome about walking into a Media Play and just sifting though stacks of LP’s, VHS, Video Games, Books, Magazines, etc. When I was younger, my mother would take me to Media Play and I would surf around the video game areas, play the demos, and my mother would head to the book section and read the books.

The smell, the visuals, meeting of minds of similar interested people, countless CRTV’s showing whatever the latest movie was that week…it just had a feeling to it.

I remember EXTREMELY well heading to Media Play to buy Rob Zombie’s: Sinister Urge, KISS Psycho Circus, Final Fantasy 9…it’s even where my parents bought my first guitar. I also remember surfing through the band t-shirts of bands that at the time I had no idea who they were, but over time…I learned to love them. Once specifically named Mudvayne…their shirt looked creepy and gross…little did I know years in the future I would be ALL about their album ‘The End of Things to Come.’

Streaming is the big thing, no one buys albums, everyone has 6 different streaming platforms…everything is at the click of button! I get that, I use it myself…but when I CAN buy the full album, disc video game, blu-ray…I do. There has been a handful of times where I purchased a download of something, then some licensing issue happened…and my download was gone! Something about heading to the store to buy that physical copy of something and being surrounded by all the options of entertainment has it’s perks.

One of my favorite things about Toys R’ Us wasn’t the product…it was the feel, smell, and colors.

It’s a mental thing, that you just can’t get with a click of a button.