Get Ready! 24 Hour Game Stream for Iowa Kids Returns on Nov. 2nd!

Get Ready! 24 Hour Game Stream for Iowa Kids Returns on Nov. 2nd!

Oh man, time to stay awake for 24 hours again for the kids!

For the past 2 years, I have gone 24 hours of live streaming for the kids of a local Iowa hospital. Each year I have surpassed my goal and it’s been absolutely amazing! It’s fun to do, it’s for a great cause, and Eastern Iowa REALLY comes out to support these amazing kids that probably don’t have the cool opportunities that we have, but they deserve it.

Guess what….Year 3 is upon us!

Once again with the awesome-ness that is, I will be participating in Game Day! Where game players all around nation vow to go 24 hours of playing a game to benefit the children of their chosen hospital. For a little history for the past 2 years, here is what we have earned…

  • Year 1-$730
  • Year 2-$1525.01
  • Total: $2255.01

That’s crazy awesome.

This year I will once again be benefiting the children of the Stead Family Children’s Hospital in Iowa City….and this year, we’re aiming for $2000!

It all takes place on Saturday, November 2nd, starting at 9:00AM CST

CLICK HERE for the FULL Donation Page and Stream!

One of my favorite things about the stream is not only seeing how many people watch, donate, hang out, comment, etc. It’s the fact that all of these old game systems and games, are being given a new life to help out kids. Many of the games that I play, and specifically the consoles that I have are ALL the SAME ones I have had since I was a kid, and I take a massive pride in being able to use my original hardware. Back then, I played for fun and I think about my childhood. Then I think about the kids in those hospitals that chances are, they will never have a childhood like I did…and they deserve that. So it’s amazing to think these little pieces of plastic game hardware I enjoyed as a kid are being utilized to help kids get better, play games, smile, and more. It’s like breathing new life into old tech…and that’s such a big part of the whole thing for me, because it feels like I am using my childhood to fuel another.

I hope you can stop by, watch, and join in on the fun. I think this will be my biggest year yet as MUCH has changed in my streaming life since it all started 2 years ago. Better equipment, more games, opening it up to play with other folks online, giveaways, etc.

You’d think 24 hours of straight video gaming is easy, but let me tell you…once you hit that 16 hour mark or around that? It becomes very difficult…but it’s so worth it man.

See you Nov. 2nd!

Also, if you are a streamer and would like to get involved yourself? Well…CLICK HERE and find out how!

Also, here is one of my favorite moments from last year.

Watch That. Was. CLOSE.#ExtraLife2018 from NedOnAir on