Nothing More’s Jonny Hawkins Calls Into Rock 108 [Audio]

Nothing More’s Jonny Hawkins Calls Into Rock 108 [Audio]

Yesterday before my show, lead singer of Nothing More Jonny Hawkins called into Rock 108!

I’ve had kind of a history with this band. I have seen them go from little club shows, all the way to the big stages at rock festivals, and now? They are heading out on tour with Ghost this Fall with a stop at the TaxSlayer Center in Moline on Oct. 8th! Tickets are on sale now!

Before that though, I met Jonny years ago when Nothing More was releasing their debut album and my old station I worked at in Michigan was spinning their track ‘This is the Time.’ If you’re looking for an amazing live show and musicianship? DO NOT doubt this band….they are truly something you gotta see!

Singer Jonny Hawkins called into the station and we caught up for a bit, and I asked him a few questions too! Specifically one that is interesting if you try Google’ing the singer…you get a VERY different description. We talked about:

  • Google’ing Jonny Hawkins
  • Scorpion Tale
  • New Music Video
  • Upcoming tour
  • Recording at Abby Road Studios

Check out the full chat below!

And just for a bonus, here is a moment I shared with the band before they started hitting it big! Playing paintball with Nothing More!