29 Years Ago Today – Alice in Chains Released Debut Album

29 Years Ago Today – Alice in Chains Released Debut Album

What were you doing in 1990?  I was 12-years-old, living in Madison, NE.  I remember my Dad bringing home an album by a band called Alice in Chains.  He put it in the cassette player, and I sat and listened.  I remember hearing “Man In the Box” and they said “shit”.  I looked over at my Dad, but he didn’t seem to mind that I heard a swear word.  That was my first introduction to what was to be called Grunge.

On Aug. 21, 1990, Alice in Chains released their debut full-length album, Facelift.  They recorded the album in Seattle’s now famous London Bridge Studio.  I lived in Seattle from 2000-2019, and was married to a Seattle Rock musician for part of that time.  What’s cool is that I have been to London Bridge Studio about a dozen times while he recorded with his band.  The NOT so cool part is that I was drunk and high every time. (I’ve been clean and sober almost 6 years now.)  I wish I would have been more “with it” during that time to really appreciate the history of the studio. What I DO remember is that the studio was beautiful, littered with photos of bands that recorded there, including Alice in Chains. I also remember passing out on the couch a few times lol.

My ex’s bass player was a member of the glam metal band, Sleze, which was Layne Staley’s band in high school before Alice in Chains.  It was awesome to hear firsthand stories about Layne and see home videos. AGAIN, I wish I would  have had my act together a little bit more during those days, but grateful that I can remember anything at all lol!

“Man In the Box” is the song that broke barriers and launched Alice in Chains into stardom.  Facelift became the first grunge album to reach platinum status and went on to receive a double platinum certification.

Here’s 10 facts you might not know about Facelift:

Here’s to 29 years!  Thanks for changing the world with your music, guys.