Korn Performs ‘Digital Concert’ in Adventure Quest Online MMO [Video]

Korn Performs ‘Digital Concert’ in Adventure Quest Online MMO [Video]

This kinda thing I bet is going to become a more common in the days to come.

There have been a couple of artist that have performed ‘digitally’ in online MMO’s. Most of them have been electronic artist, but looking back, I think this is the first rock band that has done this,

Working together with the online MMO Adventure Quest 3D, Korn was digitized into the world, had a stage built, and performed tracks like You’ll Never Find Me, Freak on a Leash, Rotting in Vain, and more of their hits. It’s kind of a unique experience…not only were players all watching the band perform the tracks, but they were also battling with each other in front of the band.

Mind you, the standard tracks played and they didn’t REALLY perform live…but the idea of this whole thing is pretty cool. A writer at Kotaku watched the whole thing, and he wrote a pretty good story about it.

I don’t know if ‘digital concerts’ are gonna continue being a thing, but you gotta admit, they are exposing themselves to an audience that may have never heard of them before. Just another way to brand your band!