New Music In the Works From RATT

New Music In the Works From RATT

I LOVE 80’s hair bands, so of course I was stoked as hell to hear that RATT will be giving us more music soon!  It’s been 9 years since we’ve gotten a full album from RATT.  Infestation was their last album, and it came out in 2010!  RATT singer Stephen Pearcy said that the band is planning to make new music available in 2020.  He said that they’re probably going to start by releasing a bunch of singles, and if people respond well to them, they’ll make a full album.

Some of my favorite RATT songs!  

“Lay It Down” – 1985

“Round and Round” – 1984

RATT’s current lineup is:

vocalist Stephen Pearcy

bassist Juan Croucier,

drummer Pete Holmes (BLACK ‘N BLUE)

guitarists Jordan Ziff (RAZER) and Chris Sanders (BRITNY FOXKNIGHT FURY)

Pearcy says that everyone gets along, so hopefully that will show in the music.  I’m hoping they’ll keep things light, and stick to their RATT roots!