Brian Marshall

Brian Marshall

I am a self-titled “I-35 Baby.” I was born in Cedar Rapids. I spent some early years in Dallas, TX. After a few years in The Lone Star State, I returned to Cedar Rapids to attend elementary school.
I was whisked away by drunken Norsemen to central Minnesota for high school.
If you hear me say, “Ya’ll” or “You ‘Betcha,” this is why.

I started in radio during the late 90’s. I found my way to ROCK 108 in 2002. I was able to hang with so many cool people. Listeners, bands, celebrities and more. We were able to get a local rock show on the air.

I stepped away in 2012 to start my family. Now, I have come back to ROCK 108. You can hear me on Saturdays. You can also hear me during C.C’s show for the THROWBACK THURSDAY TRACK.

It’s good to be home.



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21 Years Ago, Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Was Released

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1995’s ‘Mortal Kombat’ Is Still A Fun as Hell Movie

This weekend, my brother is in town and we decided to watch some classic movies from out childhood. One of our favorite movies to watch was from 1995, and it was the film adaptation of Mortal Kombat the video game. For a video game that is full with hearts being ripped out, heads stuck on…read more »