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She has no moderation skills and a short attention span, so you never really know what you’re going to get…​


DAILY DUMBASS – CEDAR FALLS! Cops Chase 2 Drunken UNI Students Driving Golf Carts

CEDAR FALLS – Two University of Northern Iowa students have been arrested after allegedly leading campus police on a drunken chase in a stolen golf cart Tuesday night. Both 20-year-old business majors, were arrested for second-degree theft, interference causing injury, according to court records and jail officials. Police noticed a golf cart driving without headlights…read more »


DAILY DUMBASS: Holy Crap! Driver Ticketed After Hitting Cop Car With Dirty Diaper

Holy CRAP!  An Indiana driver is getting slapped with a fine after an unusual littering offense.  State Police said a driver on I-65 in Johnson County was ticketed after throwing a dirty diaper out of a car window. Police say it not only happened in front of a state police trooper, but it hit the trooper’s vehicle.  DUMBASS!! Littering…read more »

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29 Years Ago Today – Alice in Chains Released Debut Album

What were you doing in 1990?  I was 12-years-old, living in Madison, NE.  I remember my Dad bringing home an album by a band called Alice in Chains.  He put it in the cassette player, and I sat and listened.  I remember hearing “Man In the Box” and they said “shit”.  I looked over at…read more »


Finish This Sentence: I Can’t Sleep Because……..

We’ve all been there.  You couldn’t sleep a wink all night, and now it’s time to go to work.  When’s the last time this happened to you, and why couldn’t you sleep?  The hashtag #ICantSleepBecause was a trending topic on Twitter today, so thought I’d ask you what YOUR reason is for insomnia. I go to…read more »

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