C.C. tries to balance her inappropriate, dude-like behavior by wearing dresses every day.  It doesn’t work.  She wants to be a classy lady someday.  She never will be.  She’s a coffee, Twizzlers and horror flick junkie here to rock your weekday mornings from 6-10 am.

She has no moderation skills and a short attention span, so you never really know what you’re going to get…​


New Burger King Moldy Whopper Commercial

McDonald’s has gotten a bad rep over the years for all of the preservatives they add to their food.  You can leave their food out for days, and it never changes or molds. Burger King used this to their advantage in their latest commercial.  The fast food giant is promoting that now more than 90%…read more »


Movies That Traumatized Us As Kids

What movie traumatized you as a kid??  This question was trending on Twitter recently, and I talked about it on my show this morning. (Wednesday) Some of your answers were: “Misery” “Child’s Play” “Pet Sematary” “Silent Night, Deadly Night” “The Thing” “Saw” For me, the movie that MOST traumatized me as a kid was… “JAWS”!!…read more »


Atkins – More Iowa Exploring

Since the weather’s been nicer lately, I’ve been hitting the road again to do more Iowa exploring! I woke up Sunday morning, and decided to head to Atkins for the first time.  I come into town via highway 30 and immediately notice all the new houses.  They’re everywhere!!  I’m thinking to myself, “This town might…read more »

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