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This is what happens when you sing Katy Perry.....

Wednesday, Sep, 3 2014

Some guy posted a video where he pranks his son by dumping a glass of water on him in the shower.  Afterward, the guy's son opened the shower door to yell at him for it . . . but the dad was standing there with a freaky-looking gas mask on.

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Wednesday, Sep, 3 2014

Five Finger Death Punch‘s crowdfunding campaign for veterans suffering from PTSD has been a major success. The group originally set out to raise $50,000 through Indiegogo. To date they have raised over $200,000 with 25 days still remaining. A donation of $85 will get you a limited edition Five Finger Death Punch jersey designed by guitarist Zoltan Bathory.

To learn more, click here.

Rivers Cuomo is working on a TV series based on his life.

The Weezer frontman is teaming with “Psych” creator Steve Franks on a new TV series called “DeTour.” Fox is interested and ordered a pilot. The show will focus on the story of a 30-something rock star who walks away from the spotlight at the height of his fame, hoping to rediscover the parts of his life he missed while he was busy becoming a massive success.

Cuomo's career had a similar trajectory: Just as Weezer's popularity was peaking, he abandoned the spotlight for a few years to pursue a degree at Harvard University.

Weezer will release their 9th album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End, on October 7th.

Today's ROCK REPORT is sponsored by BUD LIGHT.

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Linkin Park's "In the End" in 20 different styles

Wednesday, Sep, 3 2014

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Which states miss the 1980s the most? (Iowa is #10)

Wednesday, Sep, 3 2014

There is a large chunk of the country that still wishes it was the 1980s.
A website called Estately has crunched Facebook user data for every state to determine which states had the most interest in some of the foloowing bands, movies, companies, people, and pop culture icons most representative of the 1980s…
• Whitney Houston
• Michael Jackson
• Van Halen
• Madonna
• Pee-wee Herman
• Ronald Reagan
• Mr. T
• Dirty Dancing
• The Breakfast Club
• Miami Vice
• The Cosby Show
• The Golden Girls
• Atari
• DeLorean (car from Back to the Future)

The website found that the Midwest longed for the 1980s more than any other area of the country, with Iowa coming in at #10. (Kentucky was #1)

Iowa made posts or liked posts on Facebook the 6th most about the movie “The Breakfast Club” and the 3rd most on Mr. T. Van Halen was 11th. (Van Halen was most talked about in Colorado)

Hawaii made the most posts about Atari and West Virginia LOVES the Golden Girls.

Click here for larger version of the charts.  (http://blog.estately.com/2014/09/which-u-s-states-most-love-the-1980s/)

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What if Men Used Honest Pickup Lines

Tuesday, Sep, 2 2014

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