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6 pack @ 5 2/10/14

Monday, Feb, 10 2014

Lydia T. won the 6 pack @ 5 for Monday February 10th. She's won an exclusive Rock 108 t-shirt and an oil change good for use at any of the Mark Birdnow Dealerships across Northeastern Iowa. Here are the 6 tunes she chose:

Trapt-Love Hate Relationship
Sick Puppies-Gunfight
Five Finger Death Punch-Battle Born
AC/DC-Back In Black
Shaman's Harvest-Dragonfly
Pop Evil-Deal With The Devil

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6 pack @ 5 2/7/14

Friday, Feb, 7 2014

Chad Kane won the 6 pack @ 5 on Friday February 7th. We're hooking him up with an exclusive Rock 108 t-shirt. Here are the 6 tunes Chad chose for his 6 pack:

Avenged Sevenfold-Nightmare
White Zombie-Thunder Kiss '65
Deftones Ft. Maynard James Keenan-Passenger
A Perfect Circle-Judith
Black Sabbath-Paranoid
Faith No More-Epic

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6 pack @ 5 2/6/14

Thursday, Feb, 6 2014

Rachel E. of Iowa City was chosen for the 6 pack @ 5 for Thursday February 6th. She's adding an exclusive Rock 108 t-shir to her wardbrobe. Here are the tunes she chose:

Foo Fighters-Darling Nikki
Soundgarden-Been Away Too Long
Alice In Chains-Voices
Blind Melon-No Rain
Led Zeppelin-Over The Hills & Far Away

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Uh Axl....What Was That?

Wednesday, Feb, 5 2014

As you probably know by now, The Red Hot Chili Peppers did not actually perform live at the halftime show of the Super Bowl. It was out of their control as the NFL wanted lead singer Anthony Kiedis to sing his part live, but over recorded instrumentals. Can't say I was pleased with the NFL, but I understand. The halftime show gets 12 minutes and that's it. This isn't a 2 hour long concert. RHCP weren't the headlining group so there would be no time to take down guitars, drums, etc...What I'm baffled about? Axl Rose's response:

In The Name Of Science

In regard to the internet’s “no wireless” controversy regarding the Red Hot Chili Peppers Superbowl performance as reported on ESPN…

I enjoyed the show and I’ve no idea what the real story is nor would I want to suggest or imply anyone wasn’t actually performing or that what they were playing wasn’t what we actually heard. That said I feel it’s important to always look on the positive side of things and to give the benefit of doubt.

So consider that maybe sometime before their actual performance that rather than use a guitar cord or standard wireless, that in the name of science and for all mankind Flea courageously had a newly invented breakthrough in microchip technology installed in his ass that picked up the frequencies of his bass and transmitted them to his amplifier.

Maybe they all had microchips installed in their asses and not only pick up the frequencies of their instruments but get Direct TV and the internet too! Like Google Glass… Google Ass! They could be “Scientific Pioneers!” Like Buzz Aldrin and shit! True (pardon the pun) ASS-tro-nots! Or like Superbowl crash test dummies for bands kinda like those cars that drive themselves!

And besides… If the band wasn’t really playing or wireless or whatever and Anthony was really singing they may have set a new world record for the largest karaoke audience ever! Awesome!

So relax and show some pride! This is probably all just Google finding new ways to enrich our lives with the selfless volunteering of the Peppers and the ever ongoing creative process of true innovation or perhaps a new lounge bar record of super magnificent proportions and a new pinnacle of human achievement not seen since the sign language guy in South Africa!

God Bless America, the Peppers n’ technology… PN’T!


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6 pack @ 5 2/5/14

Wednesday, Feb, 5 2014

Matt T. of Mason City won the 6 pack @ 5 for Wednesday February 5th. Matt is adding an exclusive Rock 108 t-shirt to his wardrobe. Here's what he chose for his tunes:

Metallica-No Leaf Clover
Theory of a Deadman-Bad Girlfriend
Hinder-Get Stoned
Three Days Grace-Chalk Outline
Shinedown-Diamond Eyes
Kid Rock-Cowboy

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