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New Tunes

Monday, Feb, 10 2014

It's another week...and that means more new rock on your radio. Every week, there are so many new songs released and being pushed to radio stations by a slew of record companies and many independent labels all looking for airplay. It's impossible to play everything, so it's a matter of finding the best new rock available. Sometimes, things are hyped to death and fail to impress and others are hits that are somewhat of a surprise. Which leads us to the single by the unsigned band, Cry To The Blind called "Wrecking Ball". Yes, THAT "Wrecking Ball". The smash pop song recorded by Miley Cyrus.

I'd been sent the Cry To The Blind video and hadn't watched it. I'd never heard the original pop hit by Cyrus. I knew about the song, but I don't give pop music too much of my time. So, when I got around to watching the video and hearing their version, it was simply a new rock song to me. I had no way to judge if it was a good cover or not, since I had never heard Cyrus' hit. But, all I listened for was the music. The song. It was good. This song was really good. I played it for the airstaff - and everyone liked it. So, for fun - I played it on the air. INSTANT reaction - and, all of it positive.

Then, James Patrick asked if he could throw it on the next morning becasue he was getting requests for it. Same for Matt Murphy. At the time, I had no intentions of actually PLAYING the song in any normal rotation, I just threw it in on a whim. But, the response we were getting was unusual. After kind of flirting with the song for a week with airplay here and there between JP, myself and Matt and 98% of the phone calls/Facebook/email comments were positive, I decided to offically add the track and play it. We'll get some hate calls for sure, but the majority seem to be in favor of us playing the song.

It goes to show that the smallest of bands - unheard of bands - can get airplay with the right song. It doesn't matter if you're on a major label or the smallest of little record company signs your band. Lightning can strike. In the case of Cry To The Blind, this one song has gotten their name out and they are getting some airplay on a handful of radio stations. Will this song breakout nationally? Probably not. But, if it's working - then why not play it?

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New Rawk

Monday, Feb, 3 2014

I love new music. I always feel that there's always good new rock coming out. Sometimes, we seem to get into periods of time where it's too quiet with new rock and then other times, it seems like there's so much good stuff available to play. As soon as I heard this track, it was a no-brainer. These guys usually deliver. Enjoy the new track from Chevelle!

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Crash & Burn

Tuesday, Jan, 7 2014

I have never been someone who ignores speed limits. We all love the rush of driving fast - but, when I drive, I admit if it's a 60mph speed limit, I drive 60..maybe 61 or at worst, 62 mph. Of course, I have many people flying by me at 70 or more mph. It's as if I am driving too slow - despite the fact I am driving the limit posted. Especially in the winter - I am always amazed at people who seem to have no regard for speed limits. Others feel the rules are not for them. This ad, from New Zealand, is really quite graphic in it's demonstration of speeding and the dangers of it. Prepare yourself!

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Uncomfortable Spice

Monday, Jan, 6 2014

I saw this over the weekend as I watched the NFL playoffs..and, while I chuckled a couple of times, I thought Old Spice went a bit overboard with this ad. It's...just...weird! I usually really love Old Spice's marketing - their ads are usually quite funny...but did they just get TOO weird with this one?

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Hall Of Fame 2014

Tuesday, Dec, 17 2013

KISS, NIRVANA, DARYL HALL & JOHN OATES, PETER GABRIEL, CAT STEVENS, and LINDA RONSTADT will be inducted as the Class of 2014 into the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME at the Hall's APRIL 10th induction ceremony at the BARCLAYS CENTER in BROOKLYN.

Im OK with pretty much everyone getting in - although, KISS' Gene Simmons has been such a jerk about it, I almost wish the Hall would have snubbed the band. Let's face it, the reason KISS has the popularity they had was because of the era from 1973-1980 with all 4 original members - Ace, Peter, Gene and Paul. That was KISS. They were metal-pop. They had this metal image, but muscally, they were pretty mainstream pop/rock. I loved albums like 'Rock And Roll Over' and 'Destroyer'. Classic KISS.

Nirvana gets in because of what they did in 1991 moreso than the body of music they put out. While 'Nevermind' is a classic rock album, they only released 2 studio albums. However, their immediate impact was a game-changer. Their debut changed the entire landscape for rock music. The hair bands were still dominating the charts and there was a lot of bad rock music being released. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" in 1991 was heavy and angry - and I remember at that time thinking, "I can't play this during the day - it's WAY too heavy!". So, we only played it after 7PM when mostly teens were listening. I didn't want to freak out our 30 year old listeners. Quite amazing to look back and remember the impact that song had. Of course, that restrictive time slot didn't last long. Soon, it was the most played song on the radio station I was programming. Does Nirvana deserve to get into the Hall over such legends as Yes or Deep Purple? When comparing the impact the band had at that time - I say they do.

You cannot deny Daryl Hall & John Oates. The duo created some of the best pop music on the radio from 1976 to 1986. Hit after hit, all done with such respect to the legends they grew up with like the Temptations, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and so many other great soul artists from the 1960's. Hall & Oates clearly deserve an induction into the Hall of Fame.

Peter Gabriel first hit the pop charts with 1982's "Shock The Monkey" and I still love that song. Peter was different and unique and his music was always cutting edge in a time and era where pop music was pretty disposable. His vocals and songwriting created some truly great songs over his career and his innovative videos were all over MTV. Who doesn't enjoy watching the video for 'Sledgehammer'? Good stuff.

Cat Stevens. I admit, I am a huge fan of Cat and I own just about everything he did in the 70's. Talk about a one-of-a-kind vocalist. He wrote songs that could be so happy and positive ("Peace Train") and the next song would depress the hell out of someone ("Sad Lisa"). While his politics and his change to Islam confused me at the time, I respect who he is as an artist and his music. He created songs that have stood the test of time and are still played on Classic Hits stations today.

Finally, the one and only Linda Ronstadt. First of all, if you have grown up with the image of Linda in the 90's, then you should Google some pictures of Linda in the 1970's. I was crazy about her in the 70's. She was so beautiful and she had such an amazing voice. From her solo debut in 1970 all the way into the 90's, Linda recorded sone pretty great songs. I wasn't always a fan of everything she recorded, but I was always in love with such gems as "You're No Good", "Hurt So Bad", "How Do I Make You", "Ooh Baby Baby" and "Blue Bayou". One cool thing about Linda was, she didn't write any of her hits and most of the time, she recorded old songs that I didn't know about until SHE recorded them and made them hits. Sadly, she can't "sing a note" according to her because of Parkinson's disease.

Two bands were passed over who deserve to get into the Hall and I'm sure they will: Yes and Deep Purple.

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