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On-Air » Pete Miles
Pete Miles's Bio
Hometown: Davenport, IA

Favorite bands on Rock 108: A7X, Skillet, PPR & Disturbed.

First record you owned: My grandparents owned an amusement & vending machine business, so they got tons of promo 45’s for the jukeboxes. One day, my grandfather handed me this black 33 1/3 album. At that point, AC/DC rendered me a rock-n-roll freak. The messages Brian Scott & Angus Young so creatively hid in the lyrics told me to destroy all my parents Johnny Mathis, Barry Manilow and Helen Reddy records.

Foods you crave:  Pizza from The O.P. or Harris Pizza in Davenport preferably.  After that, any pizza is fine. Just not the crappy, frozen Totinos stuff.

Moment you knew you wanted to be in radio:  “BOOGER!!!” (the old folks out there will understand)

Favorite TV shows: Detroit1-8-7, COPS, Emergency, CHiPs, Law & Order SVU, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab (do you believe?)…and what ever my wife decides we’re watching that night.

Favorite guilty pleasure artist/band: A buddy of mine is the guitarist in a band called So Called Underground. I’m really digging their stuff. Other than that, I have such an eclectic taste in music.

Favorite sport:  Iowa Hawkeye Football and Chicago Cubs baseball. (What can I say, I love futility)

Best concert:  Van Halen 5150 tour at the FiveSeasonCenter.

Jobs before radio: High school ruffian. The others are too embarrassing to mention. But goats, cheese and a turkey baster have their role.

Biggest pet peeve: People who speak text message abbreviations during verbal conversations.

Three artists that are currently rockin' your CD/mp3 player: Van Halen (both DLR & Hagar…VHIII was just a bad nightmare in the history of the Mighty VH) has the heaviest rotation. But I also have country, Hair Bands galore, even cheesy 80’s dance stuff, for those times when I need to jam out in my parachute pants, wearing cowboy boots and eyeliner.

Favorite guy movie:  Oddly enough, Kevin Costner & Robert Duvall in “OpenRange.” Classic cowboy, shoot ‘em up movie. Then there’s Steven Segal, classic Clint Eastwood, etc.

Song or album that changed your life: AC/DC Back in Black

Favorite rock hottie:  My wife ;^)  But when she’s not looking; I get all creepy old guy and ogle Jen Ledger (Skillet’s drummer)

If you were in a rock band you would be the: Truck or tour coach driver. I have nearly 800,000 miles of seat time as a truck driver.

Final words of wisdom/advice:   When common sense and reasoning fail to persuade others; superior fire power, or a well place sniper round, is equally as effective. – My older, CWO2 (Ret.) USMC brother.
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