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A couple was busted having sex near a playground in front of kids in Greenacres, Florida. Police saw the 38-year-old man and 26-year-old woman getting it on in a truck near the playground.

They then interviewed four kids and asked them what they saw. The kids said they saw the man and woman with their pants down while sitting next to a tree.

When officers approached the truck, they could see a man’s legs dangling out of the driver’s side door. When his female partner saw the officers, she exclaimed, “Shane, we’re going to jail.”

The man tried to explain that they had originally started having sex next to the tree at the playground, but they noticed kids watching them, so they thought it would be better to do it in the truck. However, the truck was located in the parking lot of the playground. The couple was arrested for lewd behavior.

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    It was on a shadowy day in spring when my father, Zeus, became glazed over on a fine bottle of God Beer and committed an incomprehensible error in judgment ---- as he had a one-night stand with a unicorn.

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