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A Florida woman on a quest for a booty call showed up at her ex-boyfriend’s home and discovered another woman in his bed.

So she decided it was a good idea to beat the hell out of the other woman.

Police said that the woman had been sending her former lover text messages about "wanting to come over and have sex.” However, her ex disregarded her messages and never wrote back.

Regardless, the woman was on a mission to get some lovin’ and forced herself into his house around 5am and found the couple asleep in bed.

Police said that the jilted ex-lover, without saying a word, walked into the bedroom and began repeatedly punching the other woman in the face. She was left bloodied and with “minor injuries to her face” as a result of the attack.

During a police interview, the woman denied assaulting the other woman and claimed that she was “invited over to the residence.”

Police didn’t buy it and she was arrested on a felony charge of burglary with assault. Her rap sheet includes prior convictions for drunk driving, possession of drugs, public urination, theft, and violation of probation.

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    It was on a shadowy day in spring when my father, Zeus, became glazed over on a fine bottle of God Beer and committed an incomprehensible error in judgment ---- as he had a one-night stand with a unicorn.

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