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I've always enjoyed Limp Bizkit. There, I've said it. But mainly for the guitar work of Wes Borland -- not so much for Fred Durst.

So after Borland quit the band in 2001, I was quite hesitant about any new material they would put out.

With the need of a new guitarist, the band went on a “search across the world” for talent and went with Mike Smith, formerly of the band “Snot.” But during the recording sessions, the band had a falling-out with Smith, and ‘Bizkit brought in a host of other guitarists to fill the void, but Durst did most of the guitar work.

This record was also made during the time period where Fred Durst stated that he was in a relationship with Britney Spears. She denied it. So he then refused to allow her to use the songs that he wrote for her 2003 album, “In The Zone.”

Drama. Drama. Drama.

“Eat You Alive” was the first single. I loved it. No one else did. It had terrible reviews and did not do well on the rock charts. Allegedly, the song is about Ms. Spears. The video featured Bill Paxton and Thora Birch….

Personally, I really enjoyed this album. Most of the lyrics were silly, but still had hints of angst and it was more melodic than previous Limp Bizkit albums. I always like the song “Build a Bridge.” It featured “Head” from Korn on guitar:

The album debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 in the fall of 2003 after selling over 325,000 copies in its FIRST WEEK….and it was #3? (John Mayer, DMX, and OutKast also had released albums around the same time – they were all #1 on Billboard 200) It has gone on to sell over 1.3 million copies in the U.S.

The album also featured a track with Snoop Dogg and a cover of “Behind Blue Eyes” by The Who, with the video featuring Halle Berry.

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