Spider Raccoon in Minnesota
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A raccoon was causing a stir on social media yesterday afternoon after it started scaling an office building in St. Paul - reaching up to 23 stories before stopping to take a nap on a ledge. (more than 200 feet above the city streets)

The raccoon was stranded on the ledge of a building for two days. Officials got it off the ledge on yesterday morning, but rather than heading down, the raccoon started scaling the building next door. The windows don’t open on the UBS Plaza, so it couldn’t be captured.

The raccoon even had its own Twitter account.

It finally made its way to the roof – 25 stories up --- -- earlier this morning around 3:00 where officials had place live traps to catch it and release it somewhere on ground level.

It tweeted out that it wanted to thank the great people of Minnesota, the Wu-Tang Clan, and that it prefers Van Halen with Sammy Hagar on vocals.

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