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Aplington, Hazleton Men Can't Be Held Indefinitely
Iowa Supreme Court Rules
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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - The Iowa Supreme Court has dismissed the state's efforts to confine two men convicted for sex abuse crimes indefinitely under the state's law allowing civil commitment of sexually violent predators.

The court concluded that Nicholas Wygle, of Aplington could not be further imprisoned because he had completed his two-year prison sentence for a sexual abuse charge and was in an Ames residential facility when the state began civil commitment proceedings.

Iowa law allows officials to further imprison those deemed sexual predators only if they're ``presently confined'' or if they commit another sex-related crime.

Wygle hadn't committed another crime and the court concluded a residential facility isn't confinement.

In a second case, 66-year old Ronald Tripp, of Hazleton will be released from civil commitment after the court ruled his case should have been dismissed because the state lacked evidence to show Tripp committed another sex-related crime that justified civil commitment.

He'd been convicted indecent contact with a child in 2010.

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