The First Time I Ever Heard Soundgarden
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It's pretty rare to remember the first time you ever heard a band right? Well, I sure as hell remember the first time that I ever heard Soundgarden.

I was a kid way back in the mid-90's or so and I wasn't that much into music as much as I am today. What I was into was video games, as much as I am today.

I rented a game called 'Road Rash' for Sega Saturn. It's a racing game where you can hit other bikers with billy clubs and stuff, but what was really cool about it was it's soundtrack...and?

Soundgarden was one of the featured bands on the soundtrack. During the menu's, 'Rusty Cage' would play on repeat, so it got knocked into my brain pretty quickly.

This past weekend, I got to see Soundgarden live and listen to them play 'Rusty Cage.' It's like it all came full circle.

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