Super Mario Bros. Movie Might Be Happening
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If you lived in the early 90's, you probably know of the first ever video game movie...Super Mario Bros.

Earlier today, reports stated that Nintendo is working with Universal Studios to bring Mario back to the silver screen.

Not gonna lie, I bet it will work...and probably well.

Now before you go into an onslaught of VIDEO GAME MOVIES DON'T WORK! Well yea, they don't...if they're live action, most of the time.

This movie will most likely be animated, and is being penned by the same people who made the highly successful Despicable Me know...those damn Minion things you see EVERYWHERE!

This is all reports obviously, but people will pay top dollar to see a good kids movie. I don't have kids, but if the horrifying 'Emoji Movie' says anything about parents spending money to bring their kids to the movies? The familiar Mario will sell like crazy.

I'm sure it will be better than this early 90's garbage.

DISCLAIMER: I actually really like the early 90's Super Mario Bros. movie....and I am not really sure why, I just do.

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