19 Years Ago, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was Released
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I've blogged about the anniversary of this game before, and I will blog again!

19 years ago, my favorite video game of all time Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was released on the Nintendo 64.

It's easy to remember when this game came out, because I was insanely hyped for it. Think back to 1998...

The internet was barely relevant, and the only real way to get up to date video game news was magazines, like Nintendo Power. All you really knew about this game was what you read in magazines and hopefully your local Target maybe had a demo of it.

I like this game so much, I have pretty much every version of it.

  • Nintendo 3DS version
  • Gamecube Master Quest Disc
  • Collectors Edition Gamecube Disc
  • Virtual Console download
  • Original Nintendo 64 cartridge

The only version I don't have is the classic gold cartridge...which I will get at some point, but it's not like...the THING I gotta have

The adventure, the gameplay, the everything about it just spoke to me 19 years ago...it came at the perfect time.

Little boy setting out on an adventure, turning into an adult, adapting to the change around him, and saving the princess...I was very close to turning into a teenager at that time, so it just kinda spoke to me.

While Zelda purist may think of this game as just a 3D render of Link to the Past and other games are FAR superior, this is where the series TRULY started for me.

19 years ago.

I'll post this on Facebook in a few days, but if you took the time to read this? Click here to read about the day I received this game!

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